Little Miss Sunshine, Not! Beachy!
"Everyday is a Fashion Show, and the world is your Runway"

apple, as all my friends know me. a BS Psychology student.

☂ i hate cockroaches.scares the hell out of me.
☂ likes sweets so much it makes me sick.
☂ love's to party hard to the point of being wasted.
☂ i love shoes, and bags.
☂ i like anything fashionably cool even though outdated.
☂ loves everything about fashion and Hollywood baby! :)
☂ i'd love a mulberry someday. (beaming.)
☂ lives to music and anything that entertains me.
☂ i get pissed off a lot and throw things to release my anger.
☂ i pick at people.all of us do.
☂ i pity those who are in need.
☂ i challenge myself to be responsible everyday.
☂ i plan to travel the world by my lonesome.
☂ i need sunglasses to hide from the sun.
☂ i find pleasure in reading books.
☂ i treasure my friends.
☂ im a certified geek. :)

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